Laura Naranjo

A new cinema has opened in Barcelona, a cinema-bistrot, to be exact, called Zumzeig Cinema specializing in European auteur cinema, American independent film, documentaries, visual art and medium-length films.


Zumzeig Cinema bets for the work of local and international authors with a personal voice, authors that steer away from single currents of thought, especially chosen for their aesthetic, social and/or philosophical stances.

The cinema, located in the district of Sants-Montjuïc and open from Tuesday to Sunday, provides a steady programming in original version subtitled in Spanish or Catalan, with films that are usually screened in independent film festivals, art centres, specialized cycles or in small cinemas in Europe’s major capitals.

But Zumzeig Cinema is not just a cinema. It’s a bistro that offers cinema and a quality menu featuring local products including cheeses, pates, burratina salad with tomato, ham tapas, vegetarian quiches, croque monsieur and croque madame, salmon tartar, ceviche, etc. Among the drinks there is craft beer and Catalan wines plus organic fruit juices and cocktails.

During their first weeks of life, Zumzeig Cinema will premiere 5 films: Encirclement ? Neo-liberalism ensnares Democracy, by Richard Brouillette (Canada, Zumzeig Distribution), Dragonslayer, by Tristan Patterson (USA, CineBinario Films), L’ ge Atomique, by Klotz Héléna (France, Mosaic Films), Two Years at Sea, by Ben Rivers (United Kingdom) and JJA, by Boucand Gaelle (France- Switzerland).

Ticktes are 7 euros and 5 euros (reduced for under 18, students, Carnet Jove, Carnet Aturan and Retired).



  • Address: C/ Béjar 53. 08014 Barcelona