Ariana Díaz Celma

Until recently, the term Yubary referred only to a small town located on the island of Hokkaido, in Japan. Today it is also a restaurant that reproduces the trees, the mountains, the textures, the seabed and, of course, the cuisine of this town, where the Yubari King comes from, the world’s most expensive melon. With this presentation, it is not surprising that this Japanese restaurant wants to place their offer among the city’s most sybaritic as far as Japanese food is concerned.

Yubari gives traditional Japanese recipes a contemporary twist. As a good example of Japanese haute cuisine, fresh fish comes from the Mediterranean every day and the rest of the products are usually local. However, there are ingredients it brings from afar, like chutney yuzu, white miso, fresh ginger and wassabi, black cod or Wagyu beef. Yubari believes there is nothing like local food until there aren’t exquisite products such as Beluga caviar within your borders.

Yubari cuisine based is on the traditional Japanese recipes and gives them a contemporary twist.

On our visit to Yubari, we tried delicacies such as grated scallops with wassabi butter and sea urchins; an extremely tasty black cod with Saikyo Miso; an amazing rice ball with foie; bacon with Sansho fresci and greasy yet exquisite Karashi; duck breast with Goma Ponzu and salsifis, and the usual sushi, maki and sashimi. Desserts didn’t disappoint us: we chose Exotic Seychelles with mango, passion fruit and mango, and Garden of Cuba, a sweet made with chocolate, hazelnut and tea. Yubari boasts a cellar with 120 references, includes regular wines and exquisite wines. The chef responsible for preparing such a feast is none other than Attila Havas, who has worked in renowned restaurants such as The Arts Club in London and Nobu.

In the basement of the restaurant there is the Kio Restaurant Bar, a cocktail by the reputed Gagam Kazarian.

The basement houses the Kio Bar, a cocktail bar, inspired by the Imperial Palace in Kyoto, run by the reputed Gagam Kazarian. In this glamorous décor, which is anything but discreet, Gagam Kazarian, one of the most renowned international cocktail makers, offers his ‘gastronomic cocktails’, characterized by the use of fruits and vegetables.

Dinner at Yubari is about 70 euros, which will be well spent if you’re a fan of excess at a decorative and a gastronomic level.