Cecilia Díaz Betz

Muro.Exe, the brand of urban, futuristic sneaker, has just scored another luxury trilogy called INDUSTRIAL. This is the second collection of this Madrid startup, which after running out of the first models (Extinction), returns with three attractive proposals for SS14 in black, blue + yellow and gray + galvanized silver: Sensor, Devor and Gripper.

In keeping with its classic conceptual replicant, android-like line, or as they say ?for people from the future who live in the present!?, assembly, robotic arms and industrial machinery was their source of inspiration. Muro-Exe presents functional, contemporary, simple and pure sneakers, which are also breathable and waterproof. The collection comes with three accessories: a tee, a photo and a kit to make your own robotic under a slogan we worship: ?fashion is temporal, aesthetic is eternal?.

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