Ariana Díaz Celma

We know that among good2b’ers there are many fans of cooking with woks. But we also know that many of you don’t have time enough to cook and sit at a table to enjoy lunch and/or dinner. If this is your case, Wok to Walk is what you need. As they say: ?We sauté everything?. The only condition is for ingredients to be fresh and savoury. The coolest restaurant chain stands at the front of quality fast food.

To enjoy one of their woks, just order and in no time you will be served one of their freshly made food boxes. What’s good about Wok to Walk is that quality and healthy ingredients are guaranteed because they use little oil, making ingredients keep all their properties and flavour. They also have an option for veggies.

The history of Wok to Walk began with a trip to Thailand. The food stalls there?tremendously delicious?were the inspiration to start this restaurant chain, which is reminiscent of the rudimentary wheels kitchenettes from Southeast Asia made fancy for this latitude. In 2004, the first Wok to Walk restaurant was open. Nine year later, they run 50 restaurants and have consolidated themselves as the bright side of fast food in capitals around the world.