Cecilia Díaz Betz

We are seriously addicted to pizza. We know the what, the how, the how much and the when as far as pizza goes. However, it’s always good to know where to have a good one, and Phaidon has the answer. Late next month they will publish Where to eat pizza, a comprehensive guide created by experts to the best pizza restaurants in the world.

Where to eat pizza features 1000 experts who have chosen 1705 pizza places in 48 countries

“Knowing where to eat pizza—near your home, on the road or at the other side of the world—is not easier, it’s better,” says author Daniel Young (food critic, pizza expert and the creator of about this complete volume. Where to eat pizza features 1.000 experts selected by Young who have chosen 1705 pizza places in 48 countries. The book has 576 pages in which it is easy to realize there isn’t a canon for pizza. You can have the best pizza in a family restaurant, in a high-end one or in a food truck. The books also includes essays by Daniel Young on more specific things such as tailored brick ovens, reconverted Citröen vans, homemade mozzarella, pizza boxes, ways of folding pizza or Sao Paolo’s oldest pizza parlour. 

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