Ariana Díaz Celma

We are true advocates of vinyl, our favorite music support, so it is no surprise that one of our favorite record stores is Wah Wah Records, the clearest example of how music stores can survive technological advances and economic crisis if they do it well. Since it opened in 192, this temple of vinyl has sold folk, psychedelia, soul, funk, rock, bugaloo, Latin soul, krautrock, disco, exotica and other genres that were strong between the ’60s and the ’80s.

The best thing is that not only do they have basic references but also rarities released around the globe. No wonder half of their clients are foreign ?dusty fingers? who come to Barcelona to visit Wah Wah and leave the place with a bag full of oddities. Nor is it uncommon to find bands and celebrities who come to the store when they visit the city, for example Elijah Wood, a fan vinyl and a fan of the store. Equally recommended are second-hand vinyl from collectors who decide to get rid of real treasures.

Wah Wah is also a record label releasing out-of-print and endangered albums. Take a look at the catalogue here.


  • Address: C/Riera Baixa, 14 Barcelona