Laura Naranjo

Espresso, café latte, coffee candy? There are many different ways of enjoying coffee, but few people are aware of how get the best coffee beans, how to brew coffee and how to enjoy it. In an effort to spread knowledge about the high quality of its coffees and to celebrate its 10th anniversary in Spain, Starbucks has joined forces with the renowned one-Michelin-starred chef Mario Sandoval?also the winner of two Guía Repsol Suns?to elaborate the firstGastronomic Journey to the Heart of Coffee.

The menu is made up of seven savoury and sweet dishes. The first to arrive to the table are the lightest ones to gradually get to a real explosion of flavour. Immediately afterwards, a decaff is served to welcome a sweet farewell. Dishes are

El menú está compuesto por siete platos salados y dulces, con un recorrido ideal. Se saluda a los comensales con los platos más suaves hasta llegar a una explosión de sabor. Inmediatamente después, se calma con un pequeño respiro decaff, para dar paso a una dulce despedida. Los platos son:

*Veranda blend cocktail with tender almonds and vermouth.

*Coloured vegetables with Kenyan coffee.

*Mushroom stew with Colombian coffee.

*Steamed hake with Ethiopian coffee.

*Rabbit loin with Sumatra coffee, Vieira ravioli and crab.

*Decaf-espresso roast nitro bark.

*Sweet farewell Guatemala and Verona.

Available until October 12nd.