Ariana Díaz Celma

We are facing the classic end-of-summer drama: And now what? In good2b, going back to a bearable routine with a high-voltage pleasure implies Valmont, a spa that, though it has no water area, it boasts everything it takes to unwind and enjoy the day. Valmont is a Swiss company specializing cell cosmetics that has been offering treatments and luxury products for 30 years. In Barcelona you can find one on Calle Pomaret, in Pedralbes. The perfect therapy to continue feeling fir after the summer.

In addition, the space also serves as an art gallery. Twice a year at least, Valmont organizes exhibitions, a fact that reflects the passion for art of founders Didier Guillon and his wife Sophie. In fact, interesting artwork is on show in the clear space reserved for the gallery, but also in other parts of the building, including paintings and sculptures from their personal collection.

 Valmont, a spa that, though it has no water area, it boasts everything it takes to unwind and enjoy the day

The star Valmont treatments are all antiaging. We tried ‘Energy: Vitality of the Glaciers’ and we can assure you our face was utterly grateful. The feeling of well-being is multiplied by the atmosphere, where time is suspended. Unlike other centers, Valmont calculates 30 minutes between visits, so you can enjoy the cabin and the balcony, that we could define as a real hotel room where, instead of a bed, there is comfortable treatment couch. It is also possible to relax in the quiet outdoor garden among olive trees. Valmont is like paradise without having to travel to any Spanish or Caribbean coast. The price of treatments ranges between 80 and 175 euros. It is worth knowing that the little ones have their own catalog, too, including Cinderella to keep their skin moisturized, and Peter Pan, for little boys.

Valmont is art applied to cosmetics, an experience that any mortal should live once in a lifetime.