Cecilia Díaz Betz

We are oversaturated with fixed and moving images that are gradually and constantly wearing out our retinas; an ongoing, fast and devastating fire that is hard to dodge and easy to let it invade us. Far from demonizing new technologies—like it or not, they are here to stay—the barrage of images leaves us without criteria and strength to reflect, observe, meditate or combat.

So why not turn this situation around and provide forward-looking and impacting counterpoints with quality and bold content? The kind of content capable of making us use words of subversion and irreverence linked to culture, the kind of content that would retrieve good habits like analysis, unhurried reading and intellectual evasion.

It was high time we got something convulsed, different, stimulating, uncomfortable and vibrant for our stiff brains

I might be a bit complacent and, please, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Unstate magazine seeks to shake the cultural scene by taking a radically transversal path along audiovisual culture and all image-based disciplines, from traditional art to cinema, photography, digital culture, illustration, video art, graphic humor, urban art and visual essays. It was high time we got something convulsed, different, stimulating, uncomfortable and vibrant for our stiff brains.

As they say in their manifesto: “Unstate Magazine is a space for creating and reflecting on audiovisual culture, an active essay that deals with issues from a unique perspective. The fragmented and the transversal are the axis that allow for far-flung concepts to engage in a dialogue.”

Unstate 1

The first issue is devoted to filmmaker Pier Paolo Passolini and the body as the place that constructs and deconstructs our identity. It includes a piece by filmmaker Eloy Enciso that analyses how the bodies of maginalized people express the contradictions of the system in the films by José Luis Sepúlveda and Carolina Adrizola. This theme is also broached on Werner Herzog’s Stroszek (1977), the film Ian Curtis watched shortly before he committed suicide.

Not only the content of Unstate Magazine is highly motivating, but also the container is carefully designed by Outro Studio.  Created in Valencia and designed in Barcelona, it is published in Spanish and in English. Today, 10 March, it will be presented at La Central del Raval (C/Elisabets 6) at 7pm. Unstate Magazine is all about reading and seeing on paper. Drop by and touch it, leaf through it, buy it.