Cecilia Díaz Betz

From Andalusia with love, and more specifically from Málaga, comes the new?and rumor has it, the first?Malaga craft-beer called Murex. We must confess the first thing that caught our eyes was the design, the packaging and so on, well made and contemporary, signed by the Sevillian Habermas studio. The name is also a nod to the Phoenician world. Murex are mollusks that provided the Phoenicians with purple dye for textiles. Purple was associated with quality and excellence. So once our eyes were conquered, we went on to try it, and the taste is really surprising. Proof of that is that they have already received some gourmet distinctives.

This new brewery is run by Antonio Montes and Israel Bergillos. Their love for food led them to make Murex and not only they have come up with a good product but they are also contributing to the recovery of an ancient agricultural heritage of the area: sugar cane plantations.

It turns out that of the five varieties of beer they offer, there is one very worthy of tasting, which includes among its ingredients real sugar cane juice from Axarquia. An original, groundbreaking beer in perfect harmony with its colleagues: blond, amber, double malt and black.

With the imminent arrival of summer, who wouldn’t fancy a nice cold beer? And if you are more into craft beer with no additives made from grounded malt, don’t go any further!