Cecilia Díaz Betz

Legend has it that many, many years ago Korean Buddhist monks accidentally ended up in an ancient tomb and had to spend the night there. In order to drink, one of them used a skull. It seems like a bit macabre story, but thanks to that they survived and find something revealing about the meaning of life. Korean designer Lee Jinyoung decided to rescue the old legend and, with humor and insight, turn skull into an everyday object.

Thus was born the Skull Tea Infuser, a series of treated silicone mini skulls in different colors used to infuse tea or any other herb and to add some sense of humour to our lives. Come on, your friends will die of laughter or fright, you never know, but the object itself is ingeniously designed for this ritual to be most comfortable and clean. Watch the video below and learn more about the Skull Tea Infuser.