Ariana Díaz Celma

A renowned Swiss plastic artist living in New York, Ugo Rondinone (Brunnen, Switzerland, 1963) has just inaugurated an enigmatic sculpture exhibition in the middle of the Mojave Desert in Nevada, USA, called Seven Magic Mountains. The sculpture is made up of seven towers of colorful, stacked boulders standing more than thirty feet high. A creative expression of human presence in the desert, Seven Magic Mountains punctuates the Mojave with a poetic burst of form and colour, “a visual and emotional experience combined with poetic and critical observations, playing with the balance and instability of these sculptures, lending them a grandiloquent sense that leaves no one indifferent.

A sequence of seven totems built with big coloured stones which contrast with an empty desert

These challenging towers, just over nine meters, seek to provoke “a poetic explosion of form and color” and evidence of human presence in a remote location.

The facility was opened to the public on May 11 and will close on the same date in 2018. Ugo Rondinone got the support and the collaboration of the Art Production Fund of New York and the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno. More inf here.