Cecilia Díaz Betz

Why settle for one thing when you can have two? This is a recurring question that one day someone posed, starting the worldwide phenomenon 2×1. The Twist lightbulb was born following this classic statement of consumerism, but with a distinctly different aim. This is an intelligent lightbulb with features that you would have never imagined.

 The Twist lightbulb was born following this classic statement of consumerism

Let’s consider why Twist, a common and banal object, is now so cool. First off, we’re not talking about a simple light bulb. By using sensors, Twist captures the light in the room, changing its intensity and hue depending on the existing light or on the user’s guidelines and in a more “humane” manner. At night, for example, it creates a more relaxed atmosphere, lowering its intensity and giving off a yellow light. Secondly, it is a lightbulb and also a speaker.  It uses Bluetooth technology to connect this versatile bulb at any time and play a song on your mobile, for instance, without leaving the couch. No configuration or App is needed for it to work. This is definitely a 2×1 that deserves a long standing ovation. But there is a third important reason to buy Twist. It is composed of LED lights, so it consumes much less energy compared to normal bulbs.

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