Ariana Díaz Celma

Are you a young, modern mother with interests? TOUS has just launched Kids&Baby, a new digital magazine designed for you, made with great dedication and full of interesting content to learn, learn and discover, signed by renowned bloggers in this area, from interviews with mothers, games and activities for kids to stories, recipes and tips.

The project accompanies TOUS line for babies, which features a wide variety of items: the Baby 0-4 Collection with all kinds of accessories, a bath line, children’s jeweler and fragrances.

TOUS seeks to connect with all mothers in a different way, based on today’s reality, where social networks, forums, and sharing experiences are the order of the day. The first issue of Kids&Baby features an interview with TOUS art and creative director Cristina Ramos, who recently gave birth to a baby girl. Among other things, Cristina talks about how she combines her professional life with motherhood or how she lived her pregnancy working until the last moment.