Alejandra Chacón de Azúa

A fan of drawing since childhood, Tor Brandt creates comics where characters walk through almost empty spaces. Like all artists’ careers, his life has been a rollercoaster, and after having abandoned his passion for a while, now he’s back at it with more resolve than ever.

Graphic simplicity on his solidly-defined, pastel-coloured, almost empty illustrations

We really love with his minimalist vignettes, the graphic simplicity of his solidly-defined, pastel-coloured, almost empty illustrations. Some of them remind us of the solitude and calmness of the desert, alone under the mountains and the sun. As he said in an interview with It’s Nice That: «I really like cutting everything down to bare bone, and I always strive to have as few elements as possible in my images, no excess fat», something that may have to do «with my own mind being a complete mess».

He studied Philosophy but decided to go back to drawing, inspired mostly by underground and indie comics. Brandt publishes his drawings with Colorama, a Berlin-based studio that has given him the opportunity to show his technique and style. Brandt is currently working on a soon-to-be-self-published comic book featuring his drawings and the script of young writer Michael Kleine.

If you like what you see, visit his website, where you can also buy his illustrations.