Ariana Díaz Celma

Three are the factors that, over the past year, take a new restaurant to the very top. First off, healthy food and a clear with a clear ‘homemade’ attitude. The second, good taste in decoration: we like to feel relaxed and at ease while we eat, and if there are fresh flowers nearby, all the better! The third factos is location, preferably in the Sant Antoni area, the lastest refuge of the city’s hiptsers. The Tonka Bar meets all these requirements and even some more with high qualifications, reason enough to have become one of our favorite places now that we’re back to routine. Tonka Bar opens daily.

A wide space, it is located on calle Marqués de Campo Sagrado. The interior design mixes old typography, Scandinavian-air furniture and befitting artwork on the walls. Weather permitting, the terrace, with its red, white-dotted tablecloths, is also a great refuge. From Monday to Friday it opens in the afternoon to serve late-afternoon snacks including cakes and other sweet treats they bake themselves next door. But if you’re more into alcohol, you will be delighted to know they serve cañas and tapas for 2 Euros until 9pm. Try their marinated marinated olives, canned mussels or their tuna loin in olive oil.

At night they serve dinner with local ingredients?with few exceptions?that are always healthy and appetizing. The menu starts with with a well-stocked salad section that includes, among others, Caesar Salad, Mediterranean Salad with tender leaves, kalamata olives, feta cheese with herbs, tomatoes and capers; Asian Salad with soba noodles, vegetables, cilantro, smoked tofu with peanut sauce, and the Cabrales Salad. The menu continues with a list of traditional Catalan cocas with Ham from Teruel, escalivada (roasted vegetables, goat cheese and romesco), or smoked salmon, cream cheese with herbs and asparagus. Leave some space for their specialties, among which are dishes such as goat cheese rolls with mango chutney, organic fried eggs on ham and potato chips or their organic burger with caramelized onions and goat cheese.

However, we recommend you to check out the daily specials, which always come with pleasant surprises. If the Tonka Bar has gained popularity, it is probably for its weekend offer, as they open for breakfast and brunch. Everything is carefully taken care of at Tonka Bar: coffee with soy milk , fresh fruit smoothies with fresh juices, whole-wheat toast with butter and jam, and organic yogurt with honey and nuts. In addition to this, pastries are homemade, as well as the bread they use for bikinis. Sunday is, without a doubt, the best day as brunch comes from a lavish buffet combining homemade sweet and savory recipes that can be complemented with dishes from the menu, smoothies and even vermouth.

Tonka is the name given to the Dipteryx odorata seed, a tree legume of the Fabaceae family native of tropical Latin America. It has a pleasant fragrance of vanilla, almonds, cinnamon and cloves. The reason for this name is that the chef comes from the same place that the tonka.


  • Address: C/Marqués de Campo Sagrado, 27 Barcelona