Ariana Díaz Celma

Thiago Alcántara plays for Football Club Barcelona. He’s ace on the field and now in the field of fashion too. Nike Sportswear has chosen Thiago to be the image of the FCB Collection. Inspired on the team’s history and colours, the line’s casual wear items can we worn anytime by Barça’s fans. You can check the lookbook clicking HERE. Last February 22 good2b was invited to an exclusive launching of the collection for a few media at the Paseo de Gracia Nike Store (Barcelona). You can check the pictures of the event clicking HERE. We had the privilege to interview him during the presentation of the collection.

One of the most outstanding items in the collection is the Barça-style Air Max. What do you like the most about this iconic sneaker?

I like its versatility. I wear them with my track suit but also with jeans. I don’t think I’m saying anything new if I say they’re not made for sports only. Also, I’m not too tall so the thick sole is suits me specially.

Now you’re among players who are also models. What’s next?


Nothing on the horizon. I’m not Piqué, you know. He’s like 5′ 10?. I don’t think I’ll have a proper modeling career. It’s fun and all that and I guess everybody likes to see their faces on window displays and whatnot, but that’s all. Besides Nike, I don’t see myself being a model for anyone else.

Why do you think Nike has chosen you among all Barça players?

Not for my beauty, I’m sure of that (lagus). I guess it’s because I’m young and I come from the Academy. I represent the values of an ambitious team.

What’s your favourite item?

I love the Air Max. But besides footwear, I like the Hoody. It’s very comfortable and warm.

What would you wear at home and at different times of the day?


A sweater and shorts to go to La Barceloneta during the day. Then I’d wear the Hoody with jeans and the Air Max to go shopping to Paseo de Gracia. At night, I’d wear a suit and the Air Max to a party.

Tell us why this collection is wearable outsider the world of sports.

Nike Sportswear has combined modern designs with vintage badges and other elements such as the 1898 logo, the year the team was founded.

You never thought you’d end up?


Posing as a model.

You’d ban?

Lies. What I hate the most in this world is cheaters and mischievous people.

Good2b means?

Wearing something that makes you feel good?