Cecilia Díaz Betz

The Louis Vuitton empire seems to have no limits or boundaries. The firm’s ultimate feat is to enter the publishing world by publishing a biannual journal, The Book, to be released this month, with Charlotte Gainsburg on the cover. Inside there are 126 exquisite pages that rise to the occasion, including gems like an interview with Catherine Deneuve or a male editorial by Peter Lindbergh.

The Book, to be released this month, features Charlotte Gainsburg on the cover.

A project of this caliber is obviously led by an interesting cast. Yorgo Tloupas is the art director, and Sylvia Jorif, a collaborator for Elle’s French edition, is the editor, so expectations about The Book are far higher. The magazine will be translated into 11 languages and will be sold internationally, though Vuitton’s most exclusive clients will receive one by mail. The Book promises to be a treaty about fashion and current affairs and we can’t wait to have it in our hands and read it!