Cecilia Díaz Betz

The Scapigliatura was a literary and artistic movement born in Milan in the mid-19th century. It never became a school or a movement with manifestos, but had the merit of introducing for the first time in Italy the classic conflict in European Romanticism between the artist and society. In fact, the name is a free translation of the French term bohème (gypsies’ life).

Now Italian brand Etro want to pay tribute to those artistically prolific years by launching a virtual platform called The Circle of Poets to give free rein to creativity.

The brand’s creative director, Kean Etro, was inspired by this exciting period in Milanese history. The aim was to recreate that special energy in the present. The project puts emphasis on the exchange of ideas between artists and the confluence of disciplines. Unlike the original movement, The Circle of Poets includes other more contemporary ways of creative expression like tattooing, design or photography, as well as more traditional disciplines like painting, writing, sculpture and architecture.

the circle of poets

Currently the project has 11 young creators working on different fields, but they are open to more participants. More info here.