Ariana Díaz Celma

The Zombie Kids started their project together three years ago to become naughtiest alternative to spend the night dancing. Producers, DJs, trendsetters and the owners of one of the coolest hamburger bars in Madrid, the Zombie Bar, they have just received the Best Dubstep Electro Artist at the Vicious Music Awards, which we attended thanks to Burn. Here is our interview with Edgar and Jay?


You have received the award for Best Electro Dubstep Artist at the Vicious Music Awards. Do you feel your work is now more recognized?

Of course, an award recognizes your work, and artists usually like this.

However, the electro dubstep label ties you to a specific genre when in fact you have always jumped from one genre to another? Do you like this lable? How would you define what you do?

Labels is such a tiresome subject, but if we were to choose one specific genre, we would choose the loved and hated EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

Right now The Zombie Kids are Edgar, Jay and Ikki. What’s the role of each of you?

First of all, we’re great friends, a family living by and for music. We have our respective jobs, and we feel so lucky to be with such a great composer as Ikki. All bands must have a music genius, someone capable of creating melodies very fast because that makes things much easier.

You are much more than Dj’s and producers, the The Zombie Kids record label has almost become a lifestyle. In Madrid you have set a trend with a very marked style. How do you define yourselves? Where do you buy your clothes and which are your favourite firms?

Clothes are another way to express yourself. It’d be very boring if we all dressed the same. We have different styles and so we like different creators, for example Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy, Kenzo, Supreme, Vans, Wuatanabe, Lacoste Live, Nike and a long etc. But we all love vintage clothes and second hand flea markets. We always go to flea markets during our trips and tours. We love looking for old clothes, especially t-shirts.

You also run the Zombie Bar. Any more projects for what has already become the Zombie Kids lifestyle?

We’re workaholics because we do what we love and that makes us feel fortunate and grateful.

We thank God every morning for being able to do what we’re doing.

You started this project three years ago? How did it start and where do you think it is going? Your music has changed but the spirit is the same?

When you’re working on a project it’s hard to assess your own evolution. But there’s no doubt that the spirit and the energy are continually growing.

Your favourite hotspots in Madrid?

Zombie Bar, El cocinillas, Kabuki, Palentino, Black Track, O´clock, The Wall, El Fabuloso, Lacoste Live, Retro City…

You can’t stop listening to?

The Gaslight Anthem, Girls, Jaimie XX, Odd Future and Nas.

You’d ban?

Clapping when a plane lands?

Good2b means?

Something new!