Cecilia Díaz Betz

Imagine all of a sudden our world is made of Lego pieces. We get up in the morning, we have coffee and, instead of having our usual dose of liquid caffeine, we see dozens of Lego pieces around us that take us back to our childhood. A deconstruction of everyday life and objects by Michal Kulesza that, curiously enough, invite us to remember and reconstruct…

This Polish designer has recreated hour daily life as a critique to the system by replacing some theoretically essential elements with Lego pieces.


In this photo series the pieces are completely merged with the reality they represent. Michal Kulesza talks about the reification of the world we live in from an ironic perspective and with lots of sense of humor. This is an interesting way of creating an alternative, fantastic and surrealist reality. For more on Kulesza click here or here.