Bru Romero

Tripe and offal don’t have a lot of followers. For quite a while, they weren’t present on menus, but now they are back to the tune of new foodie rhythms thanks to chef Javier Estévez and his restaurant La Tasquería. Big words. Located outside Madrid’s gastronomical circles, Estévez’s industrial-style restaurant is an ode to one of the riskiest products in our gastronomy, offal, which he cooks like no one else in this authentic tavern.

La Tasquería has become the meeting point of people who appreciate offal’s taste and exclusiveness when cooked by the best hands

This interesting project revolving around Madrid’s traditional food run by two partners is a stew bistro that should be visited by those wanting powerful flavours. Divided into beef, pork and lamb, the menu includes gizzard with egg yolk and mojama; tripe with curry and chickpeas; suckling piglet cheeks with langoustine; chicken gizzard with potato and cherry tomatoes; rabbit kidneys a la meunière; brains with black butter and capers; ham and onion croquettes; pork hands with langoustine and artichoke or fish cheeks and brains omelet.

A frenzy of flavours that whets our appetite and which reflects a new twist in our cuisine thanks to bold guests who want to try new textures. An average meal at La Tasquería is about €30. With tears of pleasure, we recommend any of Estévez’s dishes.


  • Address: c/Duque de Sesto, 48
  • Timetable: M-S: 13,30h a 16,00h y 20,30h a 23,00h y D: 13,30h a 16,00h
  • Phone: (+34) 91 451 10 00
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Website: