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Photographer, director, author and illustrator, Todd Selby is the man behind The Selby, a blog followed by many trendsetters established in 2008. Todd has become a master at sneaking into his friend’s homes and the homes of what his considers interesting people. Alongside his images, his questionnaires are well known, in which he asks people about their lifestyle. One of the latest adventures of Todd Selby, who has worked for brands such as Louis Vuitton, American Express, FENDI, Nike, Microsoft, Sony, Airbnb, Hennessy, Ikea, eBay, and Heineken and has organized an exhibition at Colette, is a project for Diesel’s Bugaboo Chameleon stroller. Selby has chosen parents to tell anecdotes and stories about what it means to be a parent and work in fashion, especially those with this particular model. In good2b we have interviewed him…

You’ve been shooting several stories with Bugaboo by Diesel. How did you choose the families?

Bugaboo challenged me to work on this project several months ago. They wanted to convey the idea of ​​how being a fashion parent is like, which is reflected in the new stroller they have done in collaboration with Diesel. I came up with a flurry of ideas about different families living in New York who live this life. We chose Sean MacPherson, Rachelle Hrsuka and their children. They are the perfect example for this. They embody the idea of ​​being fashion parents better than anyone. It was very hard but also very rewarding.

What does a home need to be featured in The Selby?

It has to inspire me.

And what about people, what do they need to be in The Selby?

They must be interesting and creative profiles. When I meet someone the first thing I do is check out their shoes.

And at a home? What’s the first thing you check out to find out about the owner’s personality?

Their book collection!

What does a room say about the person who inhabits it?

It depends on the space. It’s very personal and it varies.

What’s Todd Selby’s home like? Have you ever taken pictures of it and showed it to people?

There’s a lot of light and color. It has a crazy and creative touch to it, but it’s also fun. But above all it give very good vibes.

Your favourite hotspots in New York are…

Restaurants, museums, bars, shops, streets… Places where I like to spend my time. I usually go to Estela, a restaurant I like very much; the ZZ Clam Bar cocktail bar, the vegetarian restaurant Semilla in Williamsburg and Sushi Yasuda.

Can you tell me 5 to 10 songs you’re listening to lately?

Good2b means?