Cecilia Díaz Betz

Mirrors are those coveted and precios objects without which we’re unable to live. The prelude of selfies, and an active part of it, that so many joys and sorrows give us depending on the day; the repository of superstitions –who wants seven years of bad luck after accidentally breaking one?— and a tool to creating the most surprising optical effects. And, last but not least, the element that most fuels our narcissism.

The question is why we’ve waited so long to present you with new and utterly attractive models!

To amend this mistake, we’ve done some research and we’ve found the Ruban collection in Denmark, which has conquered us with its simplicity and humbleness. Created by French designer Inga Sempé for Danish label HAY, there’s nothing pompous in this rounded mirror available in five different sizes, from pocket to wall size. The magic touch comes with the fabric trim surrounding it which can be used to hang it on the wall, a detail that breaks away with the excessive minimalism. The Ruban collection is available