Ariana Díaz Celma

Impossible Project is made for people who are nostalgic for the Polaroid era. Instant photos are the leading figures in this space located at the Born, with Polaroid cameras of different periods, formats, ranges, uses and colours, plus original accessories and all kinds of rarities. You will also find the entire range of Impossible products, from the new instant film to new accessories and tools, special editions and collector’s items, books, magazines? A real paradise for photography enthusiasts!


Impossible Project was established in 2008 when a team of ten Polaroid workers decided to make an ?impossible? dream come true. It is about keeping the production of material to make instant photos, an area with over 50 years of history that they know in depth. In October 2008, they saved the last Polaroid production at the Enschede factory, in the Netherlands. From that moment on, they began to invent and produce new films for old Polaroid cameras. In 2010 the team saved analogic photography from extinction. Today the team is made up of 25 people. They run stores in New York, Tokyo, Vienna, Warsaw and Paris.

If you drop by Impossible Project, we recommend you top lay attention to the exhibition on show in the store. Some of our favourite photographers, for example Landry, have already exhibited there!

A project as nostalgic as it is admirable: 100% good2b-friendly!


  • Address: C/Tantarantana, 16 Barcelona