Cecilia Díaz Betz

Canada remains a hotbed of young artists with brilliant ideas. Our latest discovery is Lindsey Hampton’s wonderful ceramics. This multidisciplinary artist, now more focused on ceramics, makes both functional and sculptural pieces with a unique style with a lot of visual power.

 Speaking of young Lindsey Hampton, is to highlight that we are talking about a complete visual artist, able to shape their world in different formats, and a large projection

Lindsey Hampton is a complete visual artist able to shape her world in different formats. She lives and works in Vancouver (Canada) where, in addition to brilliant ceramics, she also makes photography, installations and even music. Lindsay started in visual arts as a graphic designer, but she felt something was missing. She wanted to express her imaginary graphics in something more material and palpable. So she began searching and one day she came across ceramics. After an intensive six-month course, she found her destiny in life. For a few years, what began as a hobby became something more serious and now sells her ceramics wherever they want to buy them. Both the functional and sculptural aspect of her pieces have 80s and 90s details reminiscent of the Memphis Group. The pastel color palette lends her pieces a smooth appearance. You will find original shapes, decorated with geometric motifs and a neat finishes. Her body of work is most compelling, like its prices. Visit her online shop or check out more of her artwork here.