Cecilia Díaz Betz

Beards and moustaches are trendy, we know that. Of course, we must remember that the beginning of this cult of face hair was accompanied by a growth in the male care sector. This resulted see scruffy beards and mustaches everywhere. Fortunately, today we are at an advanced stage, with beards and mustaches looking pristine, immaculate and splendid as in times gone.

In addition to its savoir faire, it is worth mentioning other important details that set The Barberist apart from other barber shops. The Barberist offers a personalized and fast treatment for competitive prices. Also, you get the opportunity to enjoy a perfect shave with the combination of hot and cold towels while listening to the music you choose. At The Barberist you will also find old magazines and comic books, Wi-Fi and, as beard and bike go usually hand in hand lately, a compressor to pump up bicycle tyres.

The bearded and mustachioed neighbors from Gràcia are in luck, because there tradition and modernity come together to give you a shave or a haircut quality

For this to happen it was necessary to put barbershops back on the map. Traditional ones started to see how young people were desperately seeking for advice in the art of shaving. And this led to the opening of new ones. Such is the case of The Barberist. The bearded and mustachioed in Gràcia have a reason to celebrate because there tradition and modernity come together to provide quality haircuts and shavings. Superbly located on Calle Verdi, at the height that Plaça de la Virreina, The Barberist is like a trip back to the 40s. It’s vintage decor with classic barber chairs is a proof of this. If you get in there, you will leave looking like a real gentleman, at least in appearance. Its combination of classical techniques and state-of-the-art hair and skin care products make this barbershop a temple for beards worship. As they say at The Barberist: “Grooming as a lifestyle because beards are here to stay, but not three-day stubbles but full-grown beards”.