Cecilia Díaz Betz

It seems unthinkable, incredible, but there are places in big cities where you can actually escape noise and enjoy some tranquility. They are usually hidden and it takes some time to find them, but that’s what’s charming about them. We are talking about parks, bar or restaurants at the top of buildings or, like this new hotspot, courtyard gardens. Right in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample, on Calle Mallorca with Paseo de Gracia, the marvelous Hotel Alma awaits anyone looking for lodging and? for silence. Its splendid courtyard garden is perfect to have brunch or a quiet drink and let time pass slowly?

The building is an organic fusion of the Eixample’s classic style, especially on the main façade, and modern interior design. Its strength lies in the recovery of the classic Eixample private gardens. This is a place where having good breakfast becomes an experience, as it allows you to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. The garden boasts mature trees, vines and different plants, making it a small lung within the city. In order to enjoy it, being a guest of the hotel isn’t necessary. If you want some relax, drop by and find out.

At a gastronomic level, Hotel Alma serves signature cuisine. Chef Humada Sergi, who comes from a Michelin-starred family (his father Juan Mari is one of the stars of the new Basque cuisine), is responsible for dishes that combine tradition with contemporary touches, made with local and seasonal products. From the freshest, perfectly cooked tuna to a tasty codfish al pil-pil, the restaurant’s classic? Don’t leave without trying dessert! We highly recommend lemon custard with Breton biscuits, raspberries and rose ice cream. Both the menu and the wine list are short but well chosen.

A meal is about 40-50 euros.