Ariana Díaz Celma

Tengo ganas de ti is a tribute to the book of the same name that became a success in Italy, with thousands of lovers declaring their love with a lock. Directed by Mario Casas, the film invites viewers to put a lock in their cities to declare their love and win exclusive prizes and even an unexpected visit. But where to put the lock?

The are two options: enter and put a virtual lock on any of this four letters: TGDT. By doing this you can dedicate a message that will last forever, like the Internet. The second option consists in putting a material lock in one of the shopping centres with giant TGDT letters. Visit the website for further details on how to do it.

If you put your lock online, you’ll enter the draw of exclusive prizes dedicated by the actors. On the other hand, the shopping center with the letter with more locks will receive the visit of the actors on June 21, a day before the premiere. So if you want to see Mario Casas and Clara Lago in the flesh, hurry up and put your lock! For the T go to Centro Comercial Splau, Cinemes Full HD (Barcelona); for the G go to Heron City Las Rozas, Cinesa (Madrid); for the D, to Heron City Paterna, Kinépolis (Valencia); and for the T go to Centro Comercial Plaza Mayor, Yelmo Cines (Málaga).

From this moment now and until June 15, you can tell your loved one, Tengo ganas de ti.