Ariana Díaz Celma

Tapas are the Spanish staple food with countless shapes and colours. Tapaç 24 is right to reinvent this tradition, substituting the adjective ‘signature’ of its big brother at 24 Comerç Street for a more ‘classy’ touch. This bar-restaurant serves tapas at any time of the day in a large dining room which mixes classic and avant-garde decoration. Clients share large tables or alternatively they dine at the bar sitting on design seats surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the place.

The menu consists of four parts: the good old tapas (croquettes or the so called ‘patatas bravas’); the course of the day; the Llotja’s section, which offers fresh fish; Manda Huevos, a selection of dishes with eggs you can mix with Spanish ham, cold cuts or foie-gras, for example. All tapas are prepared by the acclaimed cook Carles Abellán.

If you want to try, be patient, as you are bound to be left waiting for a while. But if you finally do get a table, you will learn the food was worth the waiting. Located at the Eixample, this restaurant offers delicious food for about 20 to 25 ? per person, drinks included.



  • Address: C/Diputació, 269 Barcelona