Ariana Díaz Celma

To the delight of many, including us, Peruvian food has become a must on this side of the Atlantic. Among the best Peruvian restaurants, there’s Tanta, which opened in Barcelona in 2013 following the great success of Astrid y Gastón in Madrid. Gastón Acurio’s ceviches stopped being a whim that could only be enjoyed in the capital and now also serves the best Peruvian cuisine in Barcelona, turning the flavours of Peru into a cuisine d’auteur. It should be noted that the restaurant the chef runs in Lima won the Best Latin American Restaurant Award in 2013, so a visit to Tanta is a must among gourmets.

Gastón Acurio’s ceviches stopped being a whim that could only be enjoyed in the capital and now also serves the best Peruvian cuisine in Barcelona

From the Andes to the Amazon, Gastón Acurio leaves no corner of the Peruvian geography uncheked. The menu can be discovered in different ways, although we recommend beginners the classic tour including entrees—chili chicken patties or beef-stuffed potato, raisins and olives with criolla sauce and huancaína; a second course—bread with chicharrón (pork chops with fried sweet potato, criolla sauce, chips and tari sauce), and dessert–for example purple porridge and rice pudding. Tanta is located in an elegant building at the Left Eixample. The dining area is wide, with tables at a safe distance, a feature we so often miss nowadays in restaurants. Two distinct but equally comfortable environments are presided over by a vertical garden in the background, showing the raw material used in the kitchen and filtering natural light during the day. The decor becomes the perfect attrezzo to enjoy traditional Peruvian cuisine, ranging from creole recipes to nikei recipes, created by the Ferran Adrià of Latin América.

Those who already are proficient in Peruvian cuisine can taste the menu based on its influences: the Lima Cause—sweet potato with avocado, tomato, egg, mayonnaise and huancaína—for example, is an Andean recipe, while Cebichón with shellfood and tiger milk comes from Spain. Wantanes are pork and tamarind with a clear Chinese influence; Anticuchos is grilled beef heart with roasted potatoes and creole sauce and it comes from Africa; and the Cebichero Maki owes its existence to the Japanese that for decades have been living in Peru. No wonder this is one of the countries with more cultures per square meter, tradition and immigration, a melting pot of cultures reflected in its cuisine. If you thought everything was already said, you’re wrong. The menu can also be enjoyed according to different levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

Lunch or dinner at Tanta is between 25 to 40 euros. They also serve a lunch menu for 19 euros.