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Tilk, a parallel world of flavors and textures

If you thought Japanese, Chinese or auteur cuisines are the only trendy ones in the city, you should try Indian food, a cuisine that takes us to a parallel world of flavors and textures that inebriate the palate. The Tilk restaurant takes us straight to India, with dishes that come from any part of the […]

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Porrón Molón it’s already here!

An updated and enhanced porrón is the icon of a wine saga that aims to recover old traditions. The neobodeguero movement, the same one that brought our vermouth roots back with a new design, has a reason to celebrate. Barcelona Brands has just released Porrón Molón, a family of five wines that seeks to recover […]

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Louis 1856

Louis Moritz is the full name of the founder of Barcelona-born Moritz beer, the first of a saga that has reached its sixth generation. Now Moritz has opened a restaurant in the basement of the brand’s main building. Called Louis 1856 (the year he was born), its kitchen is run by Michelin-starred chef Jordi Vilà from Alkimia.  […]

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