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Nomo Sarrià, new flavours in a building with history

Last June, coinciding with its 10th anniversary, Grupo Nomo announced the opening of a new restaurant in Sarrià, the third one in Barcelona. As loyal followers of this family of young entrepreneurs, who, since 2007, have been delighting lovers of Japanese cuisine we received the news with enthusiasm and curiosity. It seems that executive chef […]

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Izariya, japanese kaiseki cuisine

Not always does public recognition come with a Michelin star. Surely you’ve wondered sometimes why certain restaurants don’t have such a distinctive award or are about to get one. The stars are the icing on a cake that in many cases serves to round out the profile of a restaurant for new customers. The same […]

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From a fancy sushi take away to fancier table lunch

It is likely that by now you’ve already dropped by Vía Augusta 65 looking for its so-much-talked-about take-away sushi. What you may haven’t done yet is visit Sushifresh, a new restaurant in the secluded calle Europa, and if you are a fish freak, you should do go as soon as possible. In this elegant, unpretentious restaurant, […]

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Yankenpon Washoku: KONNICHI WA, LAVAPIÉS!

The story behind Yankenpon Washoku at the San Fernando market starts like a TV joke, or at least that’s what it sounds like when Gustavo helps Osamu explain this to me: “We are one Japanese, Osamu, with ‘u’; another Japanese, well, half Japanese half Argentinian because he was born in Japan but lived in Buenos Aires for […]

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Yubari: high-end sushi.

Until recently, the term Yubary referred only to a small town located on the island of Hokkaido, in Japan. Today it is also a restaurant that reproduces the trees, the mountains, the textures, the seabed and, of course, the cuisine of this town, where the Yubari King comes from, the world’s most expensive melon. With this presentation, […]

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