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/ Hotspots / Madrid / Chueca-Malasaña

Lunch Box & Tiki Room

Dinners are all the rage now, but this time is not just the usual dinner. Lunch Box & Tiki Room serves burgers, delicious sandwiches and spectacular Tiki cocktails. The passion for cinema of its owners governs the decor and the menu, inspired by the 50’s, the legendary decade of cinema.

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/ Hotspots / Madrid / Sol-Latina

Martina Cocina, new place to be

After feeding the customers of an airline carrier, the Hyatt Hotel Buenos Aires and even the Rolling Stones, Argentinian Martina Correa decided to create her own space in the old Plaza Cascorro to bring some light and style to the area: Martina Cocina.

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/ Hotspots / Barcelona / Eixample

Reñé, a modernist bistrot

Every time a classic disappears, our heart breaks. That is why we applaud the return of Reñé, an old confectionery located in a modernist-style building with a façade that is part of the city’s Heritage. Reñé has now become a bistro-style restaurant serving a Mediterranean menu made with local produce.

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/ Hotspots / Barcelona / Others

Santa Burg

We want to expand our radar, so we pedaled up to Sants to taste the best burgers in the area at Santa Burg, a small place that offers an honest proposal and which has just updated the menu. Santa Burg’s motto is Porque la carne es débil (Because meat is weak? In Spanish ?carne’ means […]

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/ Hotspots / Barcelona / Barceloneta

El Suquet de l’Almirall

It would be great if more restaurants celebrated their 25th anniversary in such good shape as El Suquet de l’Almirall. To celebrate its birthday, El Suquet has revamped itself and designed a somewhat more informal menu with the same ingredients and cuisine style. The menu also includes Catalan paella, a scrumptious dish that combines the […]

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/ Hotspots / Barcelona / Zona alta


We are fans of Japanese tapas since Dos Palillos opened in Barcelona a few years ago. This is why we were so happy when we found out that there is another restaurant specializing in Japanese flavours. BY13 is an uptown small restaurant run by Carlos Tejero ?ex Via Veneto?. Tejero joined forces with basketball player Sarunas […]

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/ Hotspots / Madrid / Cortes-Atocha


We present Sticker, a new restaurant in Madrid’s Barrio de Las Letras you shouldn’t miss! As the name indicates, the menu is full of stickers related to the world of art, fashion, music, sports, decor, film, photography and, of course, gastronomy for clientele looking for culture, fun, good prices and succulent recipes.

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/ Hotspots / Barcelona / Gracia

Les Tres a la Cuina

Les Tres a la Cuina  is what happens when an Irish and a Mexican get together to make take away food. Anna O’Flynn and Mariana Gonzalez, two lovers of good food who lost their third partner due to motherhood, settled in a modest place off the centre of Gracia, and the result, after more than […]

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