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Big Kokka, non-stop nikkei supremacy

The tandem formed by the Peruvian chef Juan Otivo and Kyoko Li continues to draw smiles and satisfying sybarite palates. Despite his youth, he has worked in restaurants such Asiana Nextdoor, Tampu, Astrid and Gastón and Ceviche 103. Kyoto Li, on the other hand, was the right hand of Albert Adrià at Pakta for years. […]

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Barracuda, Barraca’s little brother by the beach

Last year we named Barraca, one of our favorite paella restaurants in Barcelona. This year we have moved to Castelldefels to visit Barracuda, its younger brother with a somewhat more casual and beach-like personality but with the same spirit. As with its predecessor, the idea comes from Guido Weinberg, who also runs Woki Markets and who is […]

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Flash Flash turns 44 in good shape

One of the most legendary venues in Barcelona is celebrating its birthday. The Flash Flash restaurant is turning 44 without a single wrinkle or other obvious aging signs. Quite the opposite? The day served as an excuse to visit it again and get the real story of one of Barcelona’s most traditional yet forward-looking restaurants. […]

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