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Tor Brandt’s minimalist Comic Books

A fan of drawing since childhood, Tor Brandt creates comics where characters walk through almost empty spaces. Like all artists’ careers, his life has been a rollercoaster, and after having abandoned his passion for a while, now he’s back at it with more resolve than ever. Graphic simplicity on his solidly-defined, pastel-coloured, almost empty illustrations We really love […]

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Cara B will become our favourite independent miniclub

The title of this piece may give rise to confusion. There are many great mini-clubs and independent dance bars in Barcelona and they are getting better and better. It is hard in a city where it is necessary to fight against a legislation that is still very restrictive. Also, the public that is not very keen […]

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Zumzeig Cinema

A new cinema has opened in Barcelona, a cinema-bistrot, to be exact, called Zumzeig Cinema specializing in European auteur cinema, American independent film, documentaries, visual art and medium-length films.

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