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BCN Foodie Guide, the definitive guide you were looking for

It’s here! At last! After several weeks waiting, the BCN Foodie Guide is already available! And it comes packed with a selection of 50 exceptional hotspots to eat in Barcelona, chosen by a lux committee. Undoubtedly, the guide aspires to become the best Christmas gift for foodies. This is a guide that will accompany you on your culinary […]

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Eclèctic, gastronomic fusion

“Our gastronomic proposal blends the classic with the modern, the nouvelle cuisine with avant-garde cuisine, local products with those from far-away places, expressing our way of understanding, living and feeling cooking.” With is a statement of intent, Sergio Musso and Francesc Chicón opened the doors of Eclèctic last July, a restaurant located in the upper side of Barcelona where […]

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Tandoor, best Indian restaurant in town

Ivan Surinder is a winning balanced cocktail, one of those with the right amount of each of the ingredients needed to become a favorite. Its creator is one of the pioneers of Indian cuisine in Barcelona. He has worked in Tickets and has an impeccable sense of design and sensitivity necessary to bring Indian cuisine […]

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Oribu, Asian food with Mediterranean flavours

Two Asian entrepreneurs based in Spain since childhood are responsible for Oribu, a restaurant that fuses Asian food with Mediterranean flavours. With this idea in mind, they named the restaurant Oribu, which means ‘olive’ in Japanese. Chef Oscar Horcajo, disciple of Chicote, offers delicious recipes that fuse Far East flavours with local classic recipes

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Like being fit and discovering new ways to care for and reshape your body? Today we present a concept that has just arrived in Spain that will certainly leave spinning behind. We’re referring to Aquabiking, which could be translated as doing exercise on an underwater bike. Aquabiking consists in pedaling a bike specially designed to […]

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El Colmao GastroClub

El Colmao GastroClub is an original space with a special atmosphere, good background music, vintage furniture and Mediterranean dishes located in La Latina. El Colmao GastroClub has conquered the neighborhood with affordable prices and delicious menus, including brunch on weekends

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La Xocolatería, the chocolate paradise

Are there really souls who can resist the magical power of chocolate? Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t appreciate such delicacy? Surely the answer is yes, to which I can only say there are crazy people and exceptions everywhere. For those who love chocolate in all its versions, shapes, senses, textures and flavors, […]

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/ Hotspots / Madrid / Chueca-Malasaña

El Huerto de Lucas

Because we are what we eat, we are grateful there are projects like this whose aim is to take care of us. Even more so if it’s in a place with a cool interior design as El Huerto de Lucas in Chueca. This environmentally-friendly, healthy gastro-cultural project occupies over 450 m2 that are reminiscent of […]

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