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Walk with me, illustrated guides made as before but now

Walk with me is a very special publishing house and creative studio specializing in maps and, as a logical consequence, in city guides. A world they approach from a rather unconventional perspective, making great efforts to distance themselves from that solemn and boring cast of usual travel guides that flood bookstores, unable to surprise us. […]

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/ Citytrips

City Circuits, your guide during the F1 Barcelona

Upon hearing the word circuit, the first thing that comes into mind are car races. This is the case of this piece of news, which has to do with a circuit, Martini, F1 and Barcelona. They don’t seem to have lots of things in common, but the truth is that they’re closer than ever thanks […]

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Let’s brunch?

What could be better than an eternal breakfast on a late Saturday morning, surrounded by friends, no pressure, no stress and no deadline? Almost heaven! We are referring to brunches. Oh! My God, if there is something we are really thankful for is that first Anglo-saxon person who had the idea of inventing this clever […]

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