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El Sifó d’en Garriga Snack Bar

La Cuina d’En Garriga, one of Good2b’s favourite restaurants, recently opened the much-awaited El Sifó d’En Garriga, a restaurant with a marked young and casual character that offers uninterrupted service. It takes its name from the family’s past. Their great-great-grandfather, after discovering soda and its curative properties in Paris circa 1876 –the perfect antidote against […]

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El Pla, a gastronomic secret

El Pla restaurant opened its doors almost two decades ago, in 1998. Over the years it has earned a significantly respectful position at a culinary and at a business level and is regarded as one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. Hidden in the mysterious and emblematic Gothic Quarter, its soft lighting invites to come […]

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Paco Pérez (Michelín 5 star winner)

Paco Pérez is one of the chefs with more Michelin stars in his particular culinary constellation. Pérez boasts five stars, divided into Miramar  de Llançá?with two stars?, another one for the Enoteca  del Hotel Arts and another one for the 5 (cinc), the restaurant of the hotel Das Stue de Berlin. He also runs the […]

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Paint your dishes

For your next dinner at home we suggest you surprise your guests. If you are food lovers and you like to innovate, you will love the Esslack  spray.

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