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López & López Pizzería, the classic flavour

Traditional flavors drives us crazy. Traditional dishes remind us of the recipes of our grandmother, our mother and of that aunt that would use everything at home to make a welcome dinner. In the same way we enjoy a good cocido, a tasty potato omelette, some cooked tripe or a risotto, we also find excellence […]

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La Navarrería, claiming veggie products

No one doubts today that Spain boasts a rich gastronomy and a wide range of top-quality products. Valencian rices, Andalusian fish, Asturian cheeses, Galician liquor, Extremadura’s cold cuts, Castilian meats, Catalan sweets and… Navarra, whose produce can now be enjoyed at La Navarrería. Are you a lover of healthy, pure food? Íñigo Orla restaurant has […]

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Estanislao Carenzo is a master when it comes to creating Southeast-Asia-style food. A biologist turned chef renowned for his restaurants in Madrid—Sudestada, Chifa, Picsa and Pedro Bar—he felt in love with Thai and Vietnamese food after a trip to both countries. Then Carenzo decided to create succulent, simple recipes with a marked street-food influence. Although […]

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Joël’s Oyster Bar, a small place for hedonism

There are no half measures with oysters: you’re either crazy about them or you hate them. If you belong to the first group, continue reading. The popular Mercat de la Boquería just opened the Joël’s Oyster Bar, a small place of hedonistic pilgrimage to pamper your palate and your spirit with the best French oysters and […]

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La Casa Tomada, bocadillos and street gastronomy

With such gastronomic variety, we have forgotten about simplicity. We want to be sophisticated, always at the forefront, with menus featuring more than five dishes, but whatever happened to the sandwiches our mothers/grannies made that gave us a breath of life? No worries. We have found the perfect place to enjoy them! La Casa Tomada […]

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Chicken Shop & Dirty Burger

We have all come to terms with the imminent opening of Soho House in Barcelona. What not everyone knows about his private club, which at first was devoted to film, fashion, art and mass media, is that is has just opened a restaurant a few meters away from the future hotel. Chicken Shop & Dirty […]

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Where to eat pizza

We are seriously addicted to pizza. We know the what, the how, the how much and the when as far as pizza goes. However, it’s always good to know where to have a good one, and Phaidon has the answer. Late next month they will publish Where to eat pizza, a comprehensive guide created by experts […]

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Viajes de un Catador, an easy way to by wines

Today we will break into the exciting world of wine through a new label that has rescued some great wines from oblivion, helping small great wineries. Called Viajes de un Catador, it is a direct selling private club to buy wines that don’t reach wine stores. This initiative seeks to give a chance as far […]

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