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Kyoko Takemura captures the conceptual vision of food

For some people, food is the best gift of life. For others, their relationship with food goes beyond foodporn and loving to eat. Such is the case of multidisciplinary Japanese artist Kyoko Takemura and her food-based conceptual photography. Takemura looks at food from perspectives that aren’t obvious for most people With the clear objective of showing everyday life […]

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Stephanie Gonot: Colourful, fun and edible art

When looking at the photographs of American artist Stephanie Gonot, we see colours, textures and even flavors. She worked at a sandwich-shaped ice cream truck for a while, that’s perhaps why food became her muse. Her modern still lives feature the most fashionable food among young people as an example for bad eating habits. Her […]

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Gastón Acurio, the prophet of Peruvian cuisine

Gastón Acurio (Lima 1967) wants to make Peruvian cuisine famous around the world. It may be his political upbringing. His father is a former senator and minister who insisted that he studied law, but he secretly enrolled a cooking school. But the truth is that his skills have turned him into a real ambassador of […]

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Narbonne: a gastronomic odissey

Surrealism has returned in the form of a historical-gastronomic-theatrical trip to the neighboring French city of Narbonne. The first Roman colony outside Italy in the year 118 a.C., today it has become a stage of worship, a place to indulge in hedonism, to escape the vertiginous urbanite life and to be overwhelmed by perplexity. The formula […]

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Celerí: turning vegetables into a real party

You know Xavier Pellicer’s cuisine is full of merits. Today we want to talk about his new feat: turning vegetables into a real party. The stage is the Celerí restaurant, the latest to join Tribu Woki, a group for which he’s worked as an advisor. Tribu Woki ceded this space decorated by Sandra Tarruella to […]

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Top 10: Fresh food and satisfied guests

Fresh food and satisfied guests. This is what the Top 10 kitchen, where creativity, gastro merriment and the purity of old and modern flavours meet, bets for. Located in the heart of the Chamberí district, it serves a varied proposal adapted to each moment and guest, a groundbreaking concept that is worth trying. Along with the […]

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La Casa Tomada, bocadillos and street gastronomy

With such gastronomic variety, we have forgotten about simplicity. We want to be sophisticated, always at the forefront, with menus featuring more than five dishes, but whatever happened to the sandwiches our mothers/grannies made that gave us a breath of life? No worries. We have found the perfect place to enjoy them! La Casa Tomada […]

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Chicken Shop & Dirty Burger

We have all come to terms with the imminent opening of Soho House in Barcelona. What not everyone knows about his private club, which at first was devoted to film, fashion, art and mass media, is that is has just opened a restaurant a few meters away from the future hotel. Chicken Shop & Dirty […]

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Tilk, a parallel world of flavors and textures

If you thought Japanese, Chinese or auteur cuisines are the only trendy ones in the city, you should try Indian food, a cuisine that takes us to a parallel world of flavors and textures that inebriate the palate. The Tilk restaurant takes us straight to India, with dishes that come from any part of the […]

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