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Izariya, japanese kaiseki cuisine

Not always does public recognition come with a Michelin star. Surely you’ve wondered sometimes why certain restaurants don’t have such a distinctive award or are about to get one. The stars are the icing on a cake that in many cases serves to round out the profile of a restaurant for new customers. The same […]

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/ Art&Design

Air Plant Jellyfish by Cathy Van Hoang

Cathy Van Hoang is an American art director who had the brilliant idea of combining two worlds in the same object, creating a new and interesting species of air jellyfish, the Air Plant Jellyfish. The sea is represented by the beauty and detail of sea urchin shells and the earth with are carnations as ambassadors. Hedgehog shell […]

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BistrEau, a sea of rehash at the Hotel Mandarin Oriental.

Angel León (Cádiz, 1977), better known as Chef del Mar, has just arrived in Barcelona with all its maritime imagery, his savoir faire and his creative culinary delights. The place that has enthusiastically embraced León, the captain of the one-Michelin-starred Aponiente restaurant in Puerto de Santa María is the Hotel Mandarin Oriental, an exclusive place supervised by the very […]

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