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Cara B will become our favourite independent miniclub

The title of this piece may give rise to confusion. There are many great mini-clubs and independent dance bars in Barcelona and they are getting better and better. It is hard in a city where it is necessary to fight against a legislation that is still very restrictive. Also, the public that is not very keen […]

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El Sifó d’en Garriga Snack Bar

La Cuina d’En Garriga, one of Good2b’s favourite restaurants, recently opened the much-awaited El Sifó d’En Garriga, a restaurant with a marked young and casual character that offers uninterrupted service. It takes its name from the family’s past. Their great-great-grandfather, after discovering soda and its curative properties in Paris circa 1876 –the perfect antidote against […]

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Joël’s Oyster Bar, a small place for hedonism

There are no half measures with oysters: you’re either crazy about them or you hate them. If you belong to the first group, continue reading. The popular Mercat de la Boquería just opened the Joël’s Oyster Bar, a small place of hedonistic pilgrimage to pamper your palate and your spirit with the best French oysters and […]

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We’re going to a gastro-route with Heineken

There are infallible classics that resist the passing of time beyond trends. In the culinary world, the caña-tapa is the queen among the queens of traditions in our country. Who doesn’t like to drink a good beer and have a snack to get you started? Or better yet, to go on a bar route to […]

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Pony Café

For many, September means end of summer, end of holidays, returning to work, dark circles under the eyes and routine… But September is always the beginning. It goes dark earlier, terraces get free of tourists and we return to the warmth of bars. Stepping inside the Pony Café is like entering a forest at night where […]

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“Pretense? Not at all. Only desire, love and effort to improve”. This is how Julio describes the reasons of the success of this nice corner while he grinds coffee beans for a customer. Julio, from Colombia and Santiago, from Spain embarked on an adventure in 2014 almost by chance. “We weren’t looking for Cafelito, but […]

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Mad Foodie Guide!

On April 16 we finally presented the Mad Foodie Guide, a guide with 50 exceptional hotspots to eat in Madrid that will surely surprise many. In this edition, Good2b has participated alongside Serge Barnet, Cristina Valbuena and Cristina Alonso from Olocomesoldejas, David and Juanda from Con el morro fino and the Lamaga Comunica team. Do you fancy a delicious breakfast, brunch o snack? […]

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