Cecilia Díaz Betz

The highly controversial and admired work of the outstanding American sculptor Richard Serra (San Francisco, 1939) – Prince of Asturias Award in 2010 – is the inspiration for the new FW16 SUR / SAC collection. The handbag firm is loyal to the clean lines and the minimalism that made it so successful. In his early stages as a sculptor, Serra defended “the importance of the creative process, not the final result”.

The result are timeless pieces that transcend trends

He managed to “create movement, to avoid the metaphor and simple imagery.” SUR / SAC welcomes these ideas and proposes a series of handbags in neutral colors (brown, blue, gray, black and burgundy, as well as pink or gray cement), and simple lines. The result are timeless pieces that transcend trends and also durable thanks to top-quality materials used. New additions Philippa, Paulina and Emilia join Adèle, Olivia and Eleonora.

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