Cecilia Díaz Betz

Nowadays nothing is impossible. Thanks to the Internet we can meet people, projects and places around the world. You show your work in case something happens and suddenly something happens. And this is what our story today is about. A renowned fashion designer like Issey Miyake comes across a Spanish studio called Stone Design, feels especially attracted by their project Line House and offers them to collaborate in a set for his men’s collection Homme Plisseé. Wow!

The concept of Line House by Stone Design fit perfectly with the philosophy of Miyake “create starting from a thread”

But this is not all. The project that caught Miyake’s attention had been made by Stone Desing ten years earlier and presented at Milano’s Furniture Fair in 2004. Line House was born from that almost automatic act consisting in drawing a house without lifting the pencil from the paper when one is bored. The idea was to “create a habitable area in which all elements and their spatial distribution are traced with one continuous line, all in a continuous space without interruptions, with a beginning and an end”.

This idea suited Miyake’s motto “creating clothing from a single thread”, which inspired the creation of his men’s collection Homme Plisseé. They also shared a minimalistic vision and their passion for colour, so this joint collaboration was almost a must. The result was a special set used for the creation of the campaign’s lookbook and video. It was recently on show in Paris and will travel soon to Tokio.