Ariana Díaz Celma

We present Sticker, a new restaurant in Madrid’s Barrio de Las Letras you shouldn’t miss! As the name indicates, the menu is full of stickers related to the world of art, fashion, music, sports, decor, film, photography and, of course, gastronomy for clientele looking for culture, fun, good prices and succulent recipes.

As you may have guessed, the atmosphere is casual at Sticker. Waiters are uniformed with loose chequered shirts and New Balance sneakers that perfectly fit the restaurant’s original menu and the fun decor with Scandianvian-style ’50 furniture. The walls are usually covered with artworks by young artists.

Chef Emilio Salas runs the kitchen. Salas has worked at prestigious restaurants like La Paloma and Martin Berasategui. At Sticker, he gives a twist to traditional flavors that he transforms into delicious tapas. The menu features 30 dishes, so order as many as you please. We recommed squid croquette with pear aioli, potato omelette cup with truffle cream, sirloin focaccia with onion confit and pistachio, cherries foie or muffin burger. For dessert, don’t miss the Guayaquil chocolate with banana. And to wash food down, we recommed Pommery champagne or a Brabant beer.

A meal at Sticker is about 20 euros per person. They also serve a lunch menu for 15 euros.


  • Address: C/ Prado, 15 Madrid