Cecilia Díaz Betz

Stefano Gardel has taken pictures of hypnotic landscapes that take us to a distant galaxy, to an unknown planet, or simply, to our beloved Earth in a not very distant future, turned into an arid desert but overflowing with beauty.

More than photographs, they look like sci-fi scenarios

The Neon Desert series features together different images of the desert at sunset. More than photographs, they look like sci-fi scenarios, an effect Stefano Gardel achieves by giving painstaking attention to detail and by oversaturating colours during post-production to make them look like neon lights. Pinks and blues reflect in the sand. That could very well be a scene of Blade Runner 2049.

However, there is something beyond Stefano Gardel’s own photographs that have caught our attention: Who could have imagined this Italian photographer based in Switzerland is actually a chiropractor and that photography is just a hobby? Maybe that’s where that precision and attention to detail comes from. It is worth visiting his website to enjoy more of his travel series. You can do it here.