Cecilia Díaz Betz

What if all the infrastructure and characters of Star Wars were real and they were around us today? I can picture my neighbor saying something like “Every country has its Darth Vader, you know? or instead of “Have a nice day!” hear everybody greet everyone with a resounding and mysterious “May the force be with you…” Musings about what it could be like and as hard as we try, Yoda will never be our football coach and the dark side will never be our father.

The Canadian photographer Thoman Dragg recreated in a photo album in black and white how would be our life with the Star Wars world around us.

To combat all that sort of galactic nostalgia, Canadian photographer Thomas Dagg recreated in a black and white album what life would be like if the Star Wars world were amongst us. The result is so true it even looks normal: a series of photographs in which Dagg shrewdly put the characters, their spaceships and other elements as if it were a snapshot of real life. We think this project is most original andThomas Dagg a very cool artists who does such amazing work as work as this. A relief to your eyes.