Cecilia Díaz Betz

There are objects with a spectacular capacity to seduce, a very strong magnet that traps you and takes you towards them. They keep staring at you, always smiling, their head slightly tilted. So this is what has happened to us, though even more intensely, upon seeing the lamps by the incredible French designer and photographer Julie Lansom. His series Sputnik Lamps is a true wonder, unique handmade lamps made with hundreds of interwoven colored cotton threads creating geometric shapes and amazing visual effects and great gradients with a science fiction air.

The shapes, colors and spectacular visual game getting, came in the wake of two of his greatest obsessions: spirograph and special ways of Soviet satellites

Julie Lansom grew up in a small town in the countryside near Montpellier. Her family was in the art trade, so he was always surrounded by antiques, objects of all kinds, always in touch with the art world in general. This background is evident in her creations and designs, which blend tradition and modernity in a very organic way. The Sputnik Lampsshow a retro inspiration with a colourful and groundbreaking touch. The shapes, colors and spectacular visual play, came from two of her great obsessions: the Spirograph, with which she spent hours on end playing with as a girl, and the special shapes of Soviet satellites. The result is priceless and we feel like ordering the entire series. If you like them as much as we do, contact her here. She ships anywhere.