Ariana Díaz Celma

As the saying goes, ?My friends’ friends are my friends.? This is what Jon and Jaime Giraldo Lieberman must have been thinking when they decided to open Spoonik Cooking Services, a restaurant located in their well-to-do dining room of their home in Lesseps. The experience?here is not just about gastronomy?is only possible if you know them or know someone who has gone there and gives you a secret that grants you access to the garden first and then to their pretty home. Although from Colombia and Mexico respectively, Jon and Jaime have been living in Barcelona for over a decade, where they came as a lawyer and as a photographer to study at cooking schools?Hoffman among others.

Spoonik Cooking Services is a restaurant located in the well-to-do dining room of chefs Jon Giraldo y Jaime Lieberman

The aim is to enjoy an intimate evening in the dining room of someone’s house, with diners likely to enjoy and incredible show cooking. The menu always consists of eight courses cooked at low temperatures, combining expensive techniques and a rather shocking visual approach. It menu changes every week, depending on season and products available. Among the dishes you can likely taste are a shrimp ceviche corneto; a tiger milk and fried corn ?sphere’; scallops with Jerusalem artichoke puree and orange reduction (oranges are grown in the garden) served with Casa Mariol vermouth; an exquisite truffled egg cooked at 64°C with fresh pasta and double cream; turbot calçotada or royal chestnut with pumpkin, mushrooms, carrot sponge, peach palm, sweet potato and pumpkin seeds. As for desserts, expect Wondays gourmet yogurt (a Wondays store is about to be opened on the square) accompanied by another sweeter and more lavish one. We tried the Casta Diva: bloody peach with pine nuts on panacotta, pine nuts in cake, oak tapioca oak, Space Dust and white sauce namelaka, accompanied by the sweet wine of the same name. It sounds crammed, but we assure you it is incredibly delicious. It sounds good, right?

The chefs will tell you everything you need to know about the dishes, their history and some curious facts?they told us that the stunning model on the Terry horse had lived in this house. The eight dishes are served with different wines. The home is like a house gallery, lined with art. In fact, many of the works on the walls are the work of Jaime Target. And finally, we’ll tell you that in between dishes there are some other surprises? Dinner at Spoonik is 70 euros, drinks included. Get ready to enjoy an extensive menu and a great experience you don’t live every day!